3D Perspective™ / X-Ray Technology

VOTI’s proprietary 3D Perspective™ technology evolves geometries and detection algorithms to remove blind spots and increase the visibility of threats for easier identification.

We maximize the screening area and produce revealing images that capture unparalleled depth and detail.

Competitor Technology

The competitor scan indicates NO detectable threats…


  • 2D scanners are unable to detect all concealed objects due to dangerous blind spots.
  • Images produced are flat files and cannot be manipulated further in the future.
  • True 3D scanners are expensive, large and slow to produce images.

VOTI’s 3D Perspective™

…But when the SAME bag is screened with a VOTI scanner, several threats undetected by the competitor system are revealed in the seams.

With this technology, you can get the peace of mind of multisource scanning without the added cost.

Dual or multi-view can also be accommodated as needed for regulation.



  • The blind spots are eliminated and operators can quickly identify threats.
  • The image files are saved in their raw format, so you can rescan them and analyze them as though the items were back in the machine.
  • This technology provides the benefits of a dual view system at the price of a single view.

Dynamic Contrast Enhancement (Pseudo-Colour)

  • Layer-by-layer pseudo viewing of objects
  • Cycle through different densities in order to provide visual differentiation to operator
  • Ideal for powdered/ ,granular substances and low density materials

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