Security Checkpoint Solutions

Designed to offer the highest security standards to the protection of airports, seaports, government buildings, correctional centers, and other critical infrastructures, our solution for Security Checkpoints not only includes the most advanced security devices available on market, but also the equipment needed to boost the efficiency of processes in airports checkpoints.

Explore our solution and make your building a safer place.

Pemica-X-Ray Scanners

X-Ray Scanners

A vital component in airports security and customs inspections. A complete line of scanners for your specific need.
Pemica-Ceia Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors

Another key component in security. At airports or public events, a metal detector can satisfy every need in security.
Threat Detection Systems

Trace Detection Systems

Sometimes, great threats are those small enough that human eye cannot detect it. But, these detectors certainly do.
Pemica Video Surveillance Solutions

iLane pro

A powerfull solution to boost the efficiency of security checkpoint in airports.

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Security management and operations in critical facilities involve strategy.
Strategy requires Making the Right Decisions, at the Right Time.