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Technologies and solutions to safeguard people and infrastructure.

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Safety is our number one priority

PEMICA offers a full range of security solutions for the industry. We help to completely secure your facility. X-Ray, Metal Detectors and Access Control systems help you secure the flow of people into your facility, CCTV Systems help you monitor every corner of your building, and Drone Denial Systems help protect your airspace from outside threats.

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We bring high quality service at a faster speed than our competitors which offers our customers a high level of utilization while decreasing unit downtime. We create long-term relationships with our customers based on high performance and unmatched service.

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Government Facilities

Our solution for this sector is designed to provide the highest security standards from medical institutions to municipal courts. It includes the most advanced security devices available on the market, but also the necessary equipment needed to increase the efficiency of daily processes.


Educational Institutions

We deliver the cost-effective and efficient solutions needed to respond to rapidly changing threats to safeguard people and infrastructure from public libraries to schools, colleges and universities.

Safety is our number one priority.


Financial Institutions

Designed to offer the highest security standards from commercial banks to central banks, our solution for this sector not only includes the most advanced security devices available on market, but also the equipment needed to boost the efficiency of daily operations.


Public Venues

Security in private events has become a big concern in recent times. We offer rental equipment solutions to ensure your event goes as planned and security is no longer a worry for you. Our service include delivery and removal to and from your event, as well as installation and a brief operator orientation.


Warehouse Facilities

Thanks to Pemica's expertise, learn to identify threats and illegal items hidden in letters or packages as they pass through your facility. We have a full range of products to meet your security needs.


Industrial Facilities

Protect your people, infrastructure and assets from potential threats. Our complete range of products helps secure perimeters, building entrances.

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Explore the products and solutions that meet your infrastructure needs.

Related Services

With a full range of customer service plans on offer, Pemica’s team of experts will help you design the service package customised to suit your needs.

X-Ray Remote Management

Our service allows for the remote monitoring and management of x-ray security systems, giving users the ability to access and control their x-ray security equipment from anywhere with an internet connection.

Preventive Maintenance

Our service involves regular inspections and maintenance of security equipment to ensure that it is functioning properly and to prevent potential issues from arising.

Corrective Maintenance

Our service involves the repair and maintenance of security equipment that has been identified as having issues or malfunctioning.

Specialized Training

The service offered by Pemica provides training to security personnel on the use and maintenance of specific security equipment.

Extended Warranties

The service offered by Pemica is a valuable asset for businesses that want to protect their investment in security equipment and have peace of mind.

General Consulting

The service provides expert advice and guidance on a range of security-related topics, such as security system design and implementation, risk assessment, and compliance with relevant regulations.

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Security management and operations in critical facilities involve strategy. Strategy requires making the right decisions at the right time.