Our Rental Solutions of Metal Detectors and X-Ray Scanners offer you great flexibility for your event, subtracting the costs associated with permanent ownership. This becomes a perfect solution for public and corporate events, sports venues, fairs, concerts, proms, or any event which you want more security.

You can choose our equipment individually, or as a complete solution

Pemica-Ceia Metal Detectors

Walk-Trough Metal Detectors

We cover any specific requirement with a wide range of models.
Pemica-Hand Held Metal Detectors

Hand Held Metal Detectors

Great efficiency and perfomance with these portable Metal Detectors.
Pemica-Ceia Metal Detectors

X-Ray Scanners

An X-Ray Scanner takes the security of your event to the next level.

And How it can Benefit You:


By avoiding the costs of storage, transport, upgrade, maintenance and repair you can free up capital to be used where it is needed.


Short-term Projects

For those projects which duration don’t justify a permanent purchase, renting gives you the flexibility you need for that specific period of time.


Product Testing

Before making a permament purchase, renting gives you a first-hand experience with the equipment. Hence, allows you to evaluate it in a real world situation.


Expert Advice

Our Customer Service Team is always on-hand to give you advice on the right equipment for a specific job.


Ready to make your best choice?

Security management and operations in critical facilities involve strategy.
Strategy requires Making the Right Decisions, at the Right Time.