The XR3D-18D, powered by BioSans™, is an easy to operate, dual view scanner that provides operators with extremely detailed, more revealing images, enhanced detection capabilities and a very low cost of ownership.

With a tunnel opening of 1840 mm wide by 1900 mm high (72.4' x 74.8'), the XR3D-18D is the ideal solution for a variety of usages such as critical infrastructures, transportation and border operations where screening of medium to large cargo is required.


  • 3D PerspectiveTM technology – removes blind spots and increases the visibility of threats for easier identification (LINK TO 3D PERSPECTIVE PAGE)
  • Full-feature Touchscreen Control – Easy to use, icon-driven GUI with 22' color LCD touch screen
  • Modern Software-based Architecture – 7 main components (instead of 20+) including the X-ray generator
  • One-touch, instant view of last five scans
  • Dynamic pseudo density layering – Cycle through different densities in order to provide visual differentiation and see potentially hidden threats
  • Auto-archiving (stores >210,000 sessions)
  • Remote diagnostic & update capabilities (LINK TO REMOTE TECHNICAL SUPPORT)
  • Dual view scanner – Two X-ray generators operating at 160 kV with diagonal upwards and horizontal orientation

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum object size: 70.9' x 70.9'
  • Dimensions/Weight: 221.4' x 118.9' x 120.4' / 16184 lbs
  • Generator: 200 kV (x2)
  • Wire resolution: Up tp 40 AWG
  • Steel penetration: Up to 40mm

Download tech-specs file

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