HI-SCAN 180180-2is pro

The Smiths Detection HI-SCAN 180180-2is-pro X-ray cargo scanner is based on a dual-view concept that allows the system to provide two independent sharp views of the screened goods, at 90°. As a result, it delivers better security due to more accurate and reliable image evaluation. This model also has large tunnel dimensions, capable of screening LD3 containers. The HI-SCAN 180180-2is-pro is a powerful tool for the air cargo industry, including forwarders and regulated agents.

Feature Highlights

  • Dual-view concept shortens inspection times
  • Optimized beam geometry facilitates the detection of potential threats
  • Rugged roller conveyors accept loads of up to 5 t when evenly distributed
  • Tunnel dimensions allow for screening of max. accepted skid size today
  • High penetration capabilities avoid disassembly into individual packages

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