An effective drone detection unit capable of locating drones flying in nearby airspace. Effective Detection Range: 2Km

The DDU-1 can detect the transmission signals emitted by commercially available drones from a distance of approximately 2 Km. When the DDU-1 detects drones in nearby airspace, the units LED display activates with Red lights. The number of LED's illuminated indicates the signal strength, which equates to the distance of the detected drone. A pulsing audible warning is also activated, which can be monitored via the 3.5 mm audio jack port. The faster the pulse, the stronger the detected signal, the closer the drone is to the DDU-1 unit. At close range, this means all 8 LED's will be activated, and the audio tone will be constant.

Future Added Features

A future added feature will be the ability to detect the FHSS pulses transmitted by the controller used by the pilot. The level of the signal will be denoted by the LED's becoming Green. This feature will be added to help end users to pin point the pilot's location. This feature will be added in Q2 2019, future and will be available via a remote firmware upgraded provided by your distributor.

Our next version of the DDU-1 can be used to monitor surrounding airspace for drone activity. Upcoming upgrades will allow the DDU-1 to activate Vigilant Drone Defense products. DDU-1 units can be deployed within or near sensitive areas, then linked either by cable or wireless links back to a central control station. This will allow our next version to automatically activate our Vigilant Drone Defense system for a pre-determined time. The contact closure on the unused 3.5 mm port can also be used to trigger sirens or any other warning devices.

Product Applications


Government Agencies

The size and weight of the unit allows it to be carried by government personnel to alert them of the near proximity of a drone. This can be for major events such as large public gatherings, concerts, or sporting events, or for other sensitive law enforcement activities.


The DDU-1 can used by military personnel on land, sea and air. The small size allows the unit to be carried in a small pocket by military personnel on patrol, who can then alert their chain of command of the presence of observational or potentially hostile drones in the vicinity. Likewise, naval personnel can use the unit in port or at sea to protect their vessels or personnel.

Collision Avoidance for Aircraft

The DDU-1 is completely self contained, and is ideal for use in light fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The unit's internal directional antenna scans an area which is 160° horizontal and 160°vertical. The most likely time for an aircraft to be in danger of a drone collision is during it's landing approach to an airport.

If used on a light aircraft with a landing speed of about 60 knots (31m/s) the unit will provide warning of a possible collision with a drone of approximately 90 seconds.

If used on commercial passenger aircrafts with a landing speed of about 150 knots (77m/s) the collision detection warning is reduced to approximately 40 seconds.


  • Scans all 2400-2485 MHz frequency range activity
  • Detects video signals from all commercial drones at a distance of approximately 2Km
  • Audio & Video indication of a detected drone signal 
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Compact and can easily fit in a uniform shirt pocket

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 105mm x 65mm x 19mm
  • Weight: 80 grams (including battery)
  • Internal Battery: Rechargeable Lio-Pro
  • Battery Life: Approximately 12 hours operational time
  • Ruggedized Case: ABS to UL 94-HB; IP45

Download tech-specs file

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