X-Ray Scanners

The right technology to meet your needs

Increase the visibility of threats for easier identification

Security X-Ray inspection systems are vital components in correctional facilities, aviation security, customs inspections, and in protecting other critical buildings, public and private. This technology detects narcotics, explosives, weapons, and smuggled goods in baggage, freight, and cargo.

Our products produces remarkably sharp and more revealing X-ray images that are competitively superior, while delivering enhanced threat detection capabilities and an improved user experience.

With top of the line technology our products evolves geometries and detection algorithms to remove blind spots and increase the visibility of threats for easier identification.

We maximize the screening area and produce revealing images that capture unparalleled depth and detail.


During our 23 years of operations in the United States, we have built a strong partnership with industry leaders from the security sector. 

Here you have just a glance of the state of the art technologies we implement and managed to secure any facility.

Key Features

Because every business has its own characteristics, our team will study yours and design a turn key solution to cover your current requirements, always keeping in mind your future needs. Our advisors are ready to guide you.

3D Perspective

Removes blindspots and increases the visibility of threats for easier identification, this technology provides the benefits of a dual view system at the price of a single view.

Portable X-Ray Scanner

Allow quick scanning of surface layers and provide unparalleled high-quality images of potential threats.

Cloud Management

Remote diagnostic and update capabilities.

Density Layering

Cycle through different densities in order to provide visual differentiation and see potentially hidden threats.

Optimize Time

Portability and connectivity can definitely expedite the inspection process by allowing for quick scans and dispositioning of potential threats without compromising safety and security.

Reliable Support

Preventive and corrective maintenance plans to fit customer’s needs.

Ready to make your best choice?

Security management and operations in critical facilities involve strategy. Strategy requires making the right decisions at the right time.