Video Surveillance

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Video surveillance solutions allow you to capture better images and store more video, and count on analytics, which helps you to develop better security strategies for deterring crime and prevent losses; while you may control the system from your mobile device.

Whether you are considering installing a new system or contemplating an upgrade from your old one, here you will find Your Best Choice.


During our 23 years of operations in the United States, we have built a strong partnership with industry leaders from the security sector. 

Here you have just a glance of the state of the art technologies we implement and managed to secure any facility.

Key Features

After comprehensive and detailed engineering our team will design and propose a turn-key solution to cover your current requirements, always keeping in mind your future needs. Please, contact our advisor for a complete guidance.


When more coverage is needed, more devices can be easily integrated.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor the activity on your surveillance feeds from anywhere.

Easy Integration

Video surveillance systems are easily integrable with other security solutions.

Video Analitics

Events, activities, and behavior could be registered and analyzed.

Face Recognition

An optional feature which allows to specifically register people’s faces.

License Plate Recognition

An optional feature which allows to register car license plates.

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Security management and operations in critical facilities involve strategy. Strategy requires making the right decisions at the right time.