Security Checkpoint

Designed to offer the highest security standards

Tailored to help you build a smooth passenger experience

Increasing passenger numbers require more complex solutions. Today’s checkpoints must be flexible, future-proof with reliable and effective interfaces and sophisticated network monitoring that increases productivity and mitigates operational risk. Integrated checkpoint solutions from Pemica are tailored to help you increase efficiency and provide the security you need to protect people and infrastructure. Our industry-leading service technology and personnel are available throughout the entirety of the process, providing support from planning and design to implementation and training.


During our 23 years of operations in the United States, we have built a strong partnership with industry leaders from the security sector. 

Here you have just a glance of the state of the art technologies we implement and managed to secure any facility.

Key Features

After comprehensive and detailed engineering our team will design and propose a turn-key solution to cover your current requirements, always keeping in mind your future needs. Please, contact our advisor for a complete guidance.

Checkpoint Management

Until now, aviation security technology has not been able to communicate with each other. Our network and enterprise solutions not only help devices communicate, but also analyse information.

Trace Detection

Sometimes, great threats are those small enough that human eye cannot detect it. But, these detectors certainly do. Explosives and narcotics detection systems are the frontline in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking.

People Screening

Prevent armed individuals from entering a secure area. By screening people, security personnel can identify and intercept any potential threats before they can cause harm. Ensuring security and preventing potential breaches is essential.

People Counting

People screening systems provide both, full privacy of persons being screened and automated detection of concealed objects, such as metals, ceramics, plastics, liquids or narcotics. This allows for fast and targeted inspection, which results in increased security and throughput, and an improved passenger and operator experience.

Lane Design

The latest automated checkpoint lanes maintain the flow and keep the system moving. Important new features such as parallel divest plus automatic diversion and tray return, provide improvements in productivity, throughput, operating costs and passenger comfort.

Baggage Scanning

Offering a choice of ECAC EDS CB C1, C2 or C3 and TSA approved equipment, it includes single, dual and multi-view X-ray systems and also innovative, next generation CT technology.

Ready to make your best choice?

Security management and operations in critical facilities involve strategy. Strategy requires making the right decisions at the right time.