Metal Detectors

Equipment with the highest operational performance

Optimized solutions to detect and deter potential weapons

Today’s security sector and the ever-stricter regulations relating to Metal Detectors for inspecting people in transit require equipment with the highest operational and functional performance.

Widely used in airports, seaports, customs, government buildings; correctional, banks, schools, private companies, and events, metal detectors have turned into a vital component in any security or loss prevention strategy.

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During our 23 years of operations in the United States, we have built a strong partnership with industry leaders from the security sector. 

Here you have just a glance of the state of the art technologies we implement and managed to secure any facility.



Airport Terminals

In response to the recent introduction of particularly stringent airport Security Standards for Walk-Through Metal Detectors, we offer security equipment characterized by extremely high performance in terms of both detection capability and transit flow. This airport security equipment is currently state of the art.


Seaport Terminals

All areas of the seaport sector are subject to high levels of security threat. For use in these applications, in addition to compliance with high security standards and full operational capacity even in conditions of high transit flow, the detectors must be particularly compact, to allow them to be moved easily, and resistant to the atmospheric agents to which they might be exposed.


Correctional Facilities

The variety and scope of the services required from police forces in their work of fighting crime, requires versatile, practical equipment that can be adapted to their various needs without slowing down their operations. Our solution offers various types of walk-through and hand-held metal detectors, including models that can be dismantled, light, easy to transport and also suitable for outdoors.



Defence operations and other high-security government installations need reliable equipment to secure infrastructures to keep personnel safe, from the inspection of letters and parcels to that of outsiders in top-security checkpoints, even in areas with strong electrical and mechanical interferences.


Private Security

The considerable task of planning a major security event requires the most reliable metal detectors for security checkpoint installations. The results are Metal Detectors that have extremely high immunity to outside interference and high discrimination of personal objects. This allows a higher flow rate and improved processing times.


Public Security

In response to the need for access controls for all those entering public buildings, government buildings, museums and schools we offer a range of very high performance walk-through and hand held Metal Detectors. Metal Detectors used for building access controls ensure compliance with high security standards and allow easy access at both medium and high transit flow rates.

Key Features

Because every business has its own characteristics, our team will study yours and design a turn key solution to cover your current requirements, always keeping in mind your future needs. Our advisors are ready to guide you.

Walk-Through Metal Detectors

High level of operating efficiency that combines practicality and high performance. It's transportable and less intrusive, which makes this unit meet the security needs of public facilities such as schools, corporate buildings and amusement parks.


Digitally adjustable sensitivity with a wide range of values, high integration and high reliability electronics.


No initial or periodic calibration, modular control unit for a rapid replacement.

Hand-Held Metal Detectors

Often used in security settings, such as airports, schools, and public events, to help prevent weapons and other prohibited items from being brought onto the premises. Hand-held metal detectors are designed to be easy to use and lightweight allowing the operator to then investigate further.


Optical, acoustic and vibrational arm modes 3-level sensitivity selection buttons.


Conforms to the international standards currently applicable for safety, EMC and to the applicable CE regulations.

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