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Safely scan your cargo

We have the right equipment for your Cargo & Freight forwarding facility, we offer top of the line X-Ray equipment that will allow you to safely scan your cargo. Our equipment is TSA Certified for Cargo and has the latest technology in the market.

Whether forwarding high volumes of small parcels or handling large consolidated shipments, the air cargo industry demands fast, reliable and accurate security screening.


During our 23 years of operations in the United States, we have built a strong partnership with industry leaders from the security sector. 

Here you have just a glance of the state of the art technologies we implement and managed to secure any facility.

Key Features

Because every business has its own characteristics, our team will study yours and design a turn key solution to cover your current requirements, always keeping in mind your future needs. Our advisors are ready to guide you.


Significantly improve operational efficiency.


Low false alarm rates and superior image quality.


Meet and exceed international legislative regulations for air cargo screening.

Reliable Support

Preventive and corrective maintenance plans to fit customer’s needs.

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Security management and operations in critical facilities involve strategy. Strategy requires making the right decisions at the right time.