Seaport Equipment

A robust security solution is a top priority here to reduce the illegal traffic of controlled substances, and smuggling. Besides, bigger vessels bring more cargo and then, undeniably, you will have busier seaports and customs.

Our solutions cover the areas of security and operations. We invite you to explore the products that meet your needs

Pemica-X-Ray Scanners

X-Ray Scanners

A vital component in airports security and customs inspections. A complete line of scanners for your need.
Threat Detection Systems

Trace Detection Systems

Explosives, Narcotics, and HazMat Trace Detection Systems are the frontline in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking.
Pemica-Ceia Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors

Another key component in security. At airports or public events, a metal detector can satisfy every need in security.
Pemica-Security Checkpoint

Security Checkpoint Solutions

A smart integration of different techonologies designed to bring more security to airports and other critical buildings.
Pemica Video Surveillance Solutions

Video Surveillance

From small business to big critical buildings, a video surveillance solution is a key component in your security.
Pemica-Baggage, Freight, and Cargo Scales

Baggage, Freight, and Cargo Scales

Ideal for airports, seaports, customs, and post offices here you will find the equipment you need.
Access Control and Staff Attendance Solutions

Access Control

An Access Control System improves the efficiency of the staff attendance and provide a better control of visitors.

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