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The world is facing enormous challenges that need to be address urgently. PEMICA proudly announces a strong commitment to create a better future and protect the planet, our new department would be focused on finding solutions for a world with low polluting emissions.

Our promise to tomorrow starts TODAY.

Pemica Green is

environmental sustainable responsible innovation


Our mission is to do everything in our power to create a better future and protect the planet. We do that by using a curated selection of game-changer technologies that closes the loop and drive circularity


A clean, safe and renewable world with low polluting emissions for generations to come.

What we offer

Waste Treatment

It is not difficult to realize that our planet is full of garbage, we just have to look around while walking or driving. Unfortunately, most of the waste is currently disposed of in some form of landfill, creating leachates that pollutes groundwaters and soils, proliferating microorganism that threatens public health, and generating large amounts of greenhouse gases.

nowadays is possible and necessary to transform waste into valuable resources for society

Waste Normalization

Without the need for prior classification, mixed waste is loaded inside the machine and within 30 to 45 minutes is reduced by 80% in volume and 50% in weight, depending on the input. The final result is a dry, sterilized, odorless and homogeneous by-product.

The Process

This technique does not generate any kind of pollution, no smoke or emissions are created during treatment and no incineration process, chemicals or microwave are used. The process is based on a principle of mechanical to thermal energy transformation in which the machines reaches and optimal sterilization temperature, without the use of high pressure, thus excluding risks of explosion.

Final Product

Thanks to this innovative solution, instead of having to collect, transport, and dispose of an endless amount of unpredictable waste… it will be reduced and transformed into a product that not only is safe and easier to transport, but is also reusable.

The Result

Economic, Safe, Practical & Clean

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Less Weight
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Ideal for treating hospital waste on-site, eradicating the dangers of transportation and disposal, and massively reducing logistics costs.



They can be installed in containers, directly in military bases or ships, with the possibility of having an electric generator that gives them complete autonomy, which provides speed, security, privacy and sustainability to the logistics of the military sector.


An ideal solution for massively improving waste management throughout a community, with the ability to eliminate ineffective practices such as open dumps and the environmental risks they generate.


Oil & Gas

It can be installed directly in onshore and offshore platforms. A modular, safe and easy-to-use installation that will significantly improve waste management logistics in environmental, economic and health terms.



A flexible and ideal solution for any type of need, from small private yachts to a large tourist, commercial or military vessel.



Significantly improves waste management in the aviation sector, eliminating odors, reducing the necessary spaces and massively reducing logistics costs.

Waste Valorization

Thanks to the unique characteristics of the by-product generated, it can be used as an alternative fuel in cement factories, thermoelectric or any plant that use solid fuel to generate thermal energy. Moreover, is possible to design treatment plants where waste can be transformed into renewable energies, such as: electricity, biodiesel, hydrogen and oxygen.

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